Butterflies room at Jack and Jill Childcare Torquay Devon

Room Leaders – David and Lucy

Children who have had the opportunity of a good a pre-school education often settle into primary school well and find the curriculum in primary school a continuation of what they have learnt in pre-school. Our pre-school rooms are designed to provide a fun, welcoming and stimulating environment which supports children’s learning and development before they move onto school.

Within the rooms of the butterflies the children are able to enjoy our many well resourced areas. They can choose to be creative with activities like painting, drawing and sticking or they are able to be imaginative in our home corner with role play toys. There are opportunities for writing and mathematics. They can also experience problem solving, natural experiences such as the interest area, as well as ever changing activities in the discovery room. Or the children can simply settle down and read a story in our book corner.

The children enjoy plenty of time in our gardens and also go on walks to the woods.

Butterflies room photo 1 at Jack and Jill Childcare Torquay Devon
Butterflies room photo 3 at Jack and Jill Childcare Torquay Devon
Painting and colouring art in the Butterflies room